Christmas Opening Times

Spooner’s will be open every day (except Christmas Day) through the festive period – we look forward to seeing you here!

Please Note: Our Christmas Eve menu will not include the ‘Sunday Lunch’ specials…

Here are the opening times over the Christmas and New Year Period:

Date Food Service Bar
19.12 9am-8pm 11am-11pm
20.12 9am-8pm 11am-11pm
21.12 9am-8pm 11am-11pm
22.12 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
23.12 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
24.12 9am-5pm 11am-10pm
26.12 9am-5pm 11am-11pm
27.12 9am-9pm 11am-11pm
28.12 9am-9pm 11am-11pm
29.12 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
30.12 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
31.12 9am-5pm 11am-10pm
1.1 9am-5pm 11am-11pm
2.1 9am-8pm 11am-11pm
3.1 9am-8pm 11am-11pm
4.1 9am-9pm 11am-11pm
5.1 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
6.1 9am-9pm 11am-12pm
7.1 9am-4pm 11am-9pm

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