Spooner’s Sunday Roasts – 7 Questions for Spooner’s Chef Chris

Over the past few years, Chris, one of our chefs here at Spooner’s, has taken great pride in cooking his hugely popular Sunday Roasts for locals and visitors.

Whilst current circumstances have limited the use of his popular carvery set-up, Chris is excited to be serving Sunday Roasts once again via a table service.

We asked Chris a series of questions regarding his famed Sunday Roasts, take a look at his answers below!

1) What’s your favourite part of cooking a Sunday Roast?

My favourite part of cooking a Sunday Roast is sending out a meal that customers enjoy. When you prepare and cook meals in a restaurant, it’s a great feeling when you see customers enjoying the food and appreciating the hard work.

2) What’s the biggest challenge when preparing Sunday Roasts in a restaurant?

With Sunday Lunches becoming increasingly popular, the biggest challenge for me is prepping enough ingredients. I would definitely recommend booking a table and it helps me out too.

3) How important is using locally sourced ingredients in your Sunday Roasts?

It’s very important to use locally sourced ingredients as it showcases the variety of tasty produce we have in the area. The use of local ingredients is something which both locals and visitors appreciate, therefore it’s important we continue to incorporate their produce in our meals.

4) Have you ever been inspired to experiment with different ingredients or condiments in your Sunday Roasts?

Like all chef’s I like to experiment different flavours at home. However, Sunday Lunch is a tradition that customers understand. So experimenting? No, I think it’s best to stick to tradition by using fresh local ingredients cooked with care and passion.

5) How important is it for locals and visitors to have a ‘go-to’ restaurant such as Spooner’s for their Sunday lunch?

It’s really important to have a go-to establishment that you like and trust as it’s reassuring knowing beforehand that you are going to receive a good quality meal every time you visit.

6) Why do you think the traditional Sunday Roast is such a popular meal?

In my opinion, people often associate the traditional Sunday Roast with fond memories of growing up and sharing a meal with family and friends. It’s a comforting meal and has spanned many generations!

7) If you could describe your Spooner’s Sunday Roasts in 3 words what would they be?

Best in town!

Click here to view our full Sunday Lunch menu.

We recommend booking ahead by calling 01766 516032 or emailing spooners@ffwhr.com

The Sunday Lunch menu will be available every Sunday between 12.00 – 15.00.

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